Accidentally Adamant is Tisha Schuller’s story of passion for the environment, finding common ground with strange bedfellows, and explaining fracking until blue in the face. It chronicles her time at the helm of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association during one of the most contentious times in Colorado’s long history of resource development. It is a story of being brave, overcoming significant missteps as a leader, and consistently returning to what she wanted to accomplish.

Read Governor John Hickenlooper’s foreword to Accidentally Adamant

I’m an extrovert at heart. Being a geologist, brewpub owner and entrepreneur, Mayor, and Governor have all been rewarding work by themselves. Most of the time.

Each time I’ve embarked on something new, it’s always the people involved that have made my career the most fulfilling. One of the true joys of working in public service is the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional people who, despite the noise and rancor that frequently accompany the job, remain focused on doing the most good for as many people as possible.

Tisha Schuller, without question, is one of those people.  (Continue Reading)

Accidentally Adamant featured in Stanford University’s Summer reading list

The faculty at Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences provided a list of 31 titles for you to peruse and consider packing along on that vacation you are planning.  All shed light on our relationship to the planet we live on. Many will inspire a greater appreciation for science and its importance in preserving our Earth for future generations and we are thrilled that Accidentally Adamant is included in their ranks!

Accidentally Adamant excerpt featured as an essay in the Breakthrough Journal

Reclaiming Environmentalism: How I Changed My Mind Without Changing My Values

What others are saying about Accidentally Adamant

“Tisha is a proven thought-leader and bridge-builder amid a polarizing political dialogue. She continues to elevate the discourse on energy and the environment to push us toward common ground, common sense, and innovative solutions for the future. Her insight, humor, and leadership style shape her unique ability to bring people and communities together to help … Continue reading Honorable Michael Bennet, United States Senator, Colorado (D)

Honorable Michael Bennet, United States Senator, Colorado (D)

“…thought provoking and page turning, Tisha’s story is a how-to guide for leaders who need to chart their own course.  Pick it up and you won’t be able to put it down until the last page.”

Dr. Tasha Eurich, Principal, The Eurich Group & New York Times best-selling author of INSIGHT and Bankable Leadership

“Our country needs more leaders like Tisha who are willing to set aside partisan divides and seek common sense solutions.  She has proven that it can be done.”

Honorable Cory Gardner, United States Senator, Colorado (R)

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